Like Ashes In The Wind.  Sibylle Baillon

Like Ashes In The Wind

Like ashes in the wind

By Sarojini Seeneevassen, Sibylle Baillon

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The touching life stories of three women in France in the 18th century.? To save them from starvation, farmer Cotin found accommodation for his daughters in Paris. But while Madeleine and Marianne were placed in well-off houses, Jeanne had to flee from the abuse of her sleazy employer. Left to her own devices, she takes her life into her own hands and, step by step, builds her own future. Time and again, fate leads the three girls to come close to each other - but they never meet. Nevertheless, Marianne, Madeleine, and Jeanne do not give up hope of finding each other again. Then the revolution breaks out, and the country falls into chaos??

Sibylle Baillon

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  • Babelcube Inc.
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  • 9781667405797
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  • Inglés
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  • Published:
  • December 27, 2020
  • Historia / General

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