Spies, Espionage and Secret Diplomacy in the Early Modern Period.  Susanne Lachenicht

Spies, Espionage and Secret Diplomacy in the Early Modern Period

By Guido Braun (Editor), Susanne Lachenicht (Editor)

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Approaching early modern spies, espionage and secret diplomacy as central elements in (wartime) communication networks, the thirteen contributions to this volume examine different kinds of espionage (economic espionage, political espionage etc.), identify different types of spies – diplomats, postmasters, court musicians, cooks and prostitutes – and reflect the multiple meanings and functions of information obtained through the many practices of spying in the early modern period. Drawing on examples from a wide range of states and empires, the volume looks into recruitment strategies and cryptography, highlights processes of professionalization and traces the reputation of spies ranging from the "honourable" to the "villain".

Susanne Lachenicht

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  • December 27, 2020
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