A Visitor’s Guide to the Shining Kingdom.  Jacquelyn Smith

A Visitor’s Guide to the Shining Kingdom

Fatal Empire

By Jacquelyn Smith

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The jewel of the continent... The Shining Kingdom draws visitors from all over the known world—mystical mages, wandering warriors, and everything in between. But every foreign land has its perils and peculiarities. Let the kingdom’s foremost adventurer, Yarden the Wanderer, guide you on a journey through the culture and quirks of his humble homeland. From the Opal Mountains to the Malachite Forest, city streets to local lore—Yarden’s wise words will enable you to become an expert adventurer of the kingdom in your own right in this special scroll, funded by the Temple of the Keeper of Wonder, and recorded by the scribe of the World of Lasniniar series, Jacquelyn Smith. Please note: Yarden the Wanderer and the Temple of the Keeper of Wonder in no way claim responsibility for any harm or mishap that befalls visitors of the Shining Kingdom before or after reading this guide—including, but not limited to falling prey to a leshy, or drowning by a rusalka.

Jacquelyn Smith