The Wisdom of the Ages.  Master Kuthumi

The Wisdom of the Ages

By Master Kuthumi

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FOREWORD By Rubén Cedeño This teaching was transmitted to Beloved Lady Miriam when she was incarnated on Earth. She is the Divine Complement of El Morya, Master of the First Blue Ray of Divine Will, and Director of the World’s Governments. This instruction was part of a training period that Lady Miriam received from the Master of Wisdom Lord Koot Hoomi, who today holds the position of Director of the Second Department of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Shamballa. As “Instructor of the World” or “Christ of the Earth,” Lord Koot Hoomi works inspiring and directing the Great Religions and philosophical movements from all over the planet. This valuable instruction is dedicated to unfolding Divine Enlightenment in loyal and devoted students who seriously wish to thresh the Spiritual Experience. It is dispensed so that they can spread it throughout the Earth since this Wisdom was the one that the Ascended Masters used in their moment to free themselves from ignorance and the bondage of the “reincarnation wheel.” This teaching will be very useful to those who study it, meditate, reflect and practice it with the constancy and seriousness it deserves. May everyone who reads this book or hears the explanations of His teachings in conferences be blessed with the Love, Peace, and Wisdom of our Beloved Master Koot Hoomi.

Master Kuthumi

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  • December 27, 2020
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