Summary of This Is Going to Hurt.  Alexander Cooper

Summary of This Is Going to Hurt

Self-Development Summaries

By Alexander Cooper

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Summary of This Is Going to Hurt L??rn about wh?t ?t’? really like to b? ?n th? fr?ntl?n? ?f the UK h??lth??r? system.   Y?u m?? think ?f th? l?f? ?f a d??t?r ?? b??ng a leisurely ?n?, f?ll?d w?th g?m?? ?f g?lf, fancy ??r? ?nd k??kb??k? fr?m th? ?h?rm???ut???l ?ndu?tr?. But f?r the most ??rt, th??? wh? ?t?ff the N?t??n?l H??lth Service (NHS) h????t?l? thr?ugh?ut the UK, ?r? h?rd-w?rk?ng ????l? wh? r????v? little r??t ?nd ?v?n l??? r?????t for th? ?ff?rt th?? put ?n.   They work 100-h?ur w??k? and m?k? life or d??th d??????n? ?v?r? d?? wh?l? hardly ??rn?ng m?r? th?n your ?v?r?g? b?nk t?ll?r. Th?? also h?v? t? regularly d??l with some outrageous patients ?nd m?d???l cases th?t m?? sound too-bizarre-to-be-true. A? th??? ?tt??t, th?ng? ??n g?t pretty ?tr?ng? at a hospital.   A ?h?rt warning b?f?r? we b?g?n: summary 2 ?nd 4 describe a gr??h?? injury ?nd ?n ???????ll? g?r? ???n?, and ?? ??nt??n ??n??t?v? ?r potentially triggering content.   In th??? summary, ??u’ll f?nd ?ut • What ?t m??n? t? deal with a ???? ?f “d?gl?v?ng;” • H?w a K?nd?r Sur?r??? Egg f??tur?d ?n a v?r? unu?u?l marriage proposal; ?nd • H?w a w?m?n’? ?tt?m?t ?t beating a drug t??t m?d? f?r ?n awkward h????t?l v???t. Here is a Preview of What You Will Get: ? A Full Book Summary ? An Analysis ? Fun quizzes ? Quiz Answers ? Etc Get a copy of this summary and learn about the book.

Alexander Cooper

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  • December 27, 2020
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