Resilience.  Paul Robinson


By Paul Robinson

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Nurture Your Innate Capacity for Resilience. Within each of us lies the power to take charge of our circumstances and events that can affect us in an adverse manner. That power is resilience, the ability to bounce back and take the original shape even if you are crushed by defeats, rejections and challenges in life. Resilience is your ultimate weapon to move ahead and in times like these, where uncertainty is the new norm, you need to build personal resilience. Packed with nuggets of wisdom, insights and research, this book is written to help you develop your inner muscles for resilience so that you too can navigate and weather the difficulties and challenges you encounter without unnecessary mental, emotional, or physical distress. With resilience, you can handle life’s challenges and pressure in a more efficient manner and without it, you may completely lose your cool or even hope for a better future. When you are resilient, you possess a unique perspective to learn from life’s experience and you cultivate the capacity to recreate your life from anywhere, at any point of your life, and it’s one of the most important life skills that will determine your success. Learn the life skills of becoming resilient and bounce back from any set backs you are facing right now. This book is a piece of inspirational work filled with life strategies that will help you face any obstacles head on. As you delve deeper into different chapters, you will learn more about how: To turn adversities to your advantage To develop the mindset to be flexible and more adaptable To reframe challenges into opportunities To develop optimism To accept reality and take control of your situation To persevere and conquer obstacles To develop a sense of humor so that you can have a different perspective about life To manage personal crisis without catastrophizing To manage stressful situations that overwhelms you

Paul Robinson

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  • December 27, 2020
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