This is Why She is Not in Love with You Yet.  Abel Cruise

This is Why She is Not in Love with You Yet

By Abel Cruise

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Oh, I will never forget that heart-breaking experience of mine, as a young guy in love back then in my college days. There was this pretty girl I did everything to impress. I would buy her chocolate, flowers, expensive jewelry and other gift items with all the money I took time to save up, just to convince her to be my girlfriend.  I was desperate to prove to her that I would make a good boyfriend if only she would say yes to me. Well, it all turned out to be a huge mistake because she ended up falling in love with another guy; A guy who didn’t care much about her. This was the first time it dawned on me that the dating world is not a fair place for the nice guy. Now, here is the point! This other guy got my supposed girlfriend not because he was more handsome than me, not because he gave her more money or gift items than I did; In fact, I later learned she was the one giving him gifts and money. What then did he do that I didnt do? HE PLAYED BY THE RULES OF THE GAME… Now, pay attention to this! When you shower gifts and money on a girl you intend to date, you make her feel like a precious treasure you are willing to do anything to please, and for this reason she will likely not feel any attraction for you because she starts seeing herself as a girl thats too good for you. Your value drops in her eyes… Like the saying goes; “if you treat a lady like a celebrity, she will treat you like a common fan”. However, if you’ve been making this mistake, worry no more; because its about to come to an end. Its time to stop being a nice guy and start playing according to the rules. This book is all you need to make that happen… This book will lead you by the hand through the rules of attraction which you need to command the affection and respect of any girl you wish to date, irrespective of how broke or ugly you think you are. Get this book now and make yourself a winner in the dating world.

Abel Cruise

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  • 9791220829731
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  • Inglés
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  • Published:
  • December 27, 2020
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