We are Gods.  Ronald Ritter

We are Gods

By Ronald Ritter

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There is no one supreme god that looks after each human being on earth and answers their prayers. This understanding of what the religious groupings call god is a man-made deity, imbued with human qualities of anger, revenge and greed, purposely constructed to dominate and control the population. The dogma by the church, that there is one omnipresent god out there, that has a plan for each person on earth is propaganda, crafted to sign you up for a life of servitude and domination, and it is the one false belief system that has worked extremely well for centuries. This information is confronting for people to realize they are not victims, but have co-created their personal world unintentionally and without a moment of thought. But there are loving gods in the universe, that upon request pass to humanity the ancient knowledge, and in these teachings is an amazing secret, hidden from the masses by the religious institutions. These ethereal beings we call gods have no interest in controlling or dominating humanity, and are without judgment, and so it is up to us as free willed beings to accept or reject the knowledge. The secret is we are gods in our own right, and with dedication and practice can manifest our lives exactly as we wish. The world is not what it appears as a solid three dimensional reality, it is impermanent and exists only in the now, and therefore you can change it at any moment. By certain techniques and practice humanity can create a bubble around themselves, which represents exactly who they want to be. Your personal creation and the life you choose is yours alone, your decision, and not your partners or parents, work colleagues or boss. Others cannot create your world for you, it is your responsibility and choices. If you have a life that is not of your wanting, check the decisions you have made to get there. The information that is passed to us by the star people of Orion under the name Osiris is not knew, however it is the pure knowledge, without manipulation or rewrites over the centuries. And it comes without demands of any requests of allegiance or deity worship, nor judgement of a heaven or hell. As Osiris tells us, we are already in paradise on earth, it is what we make of it. Earth is a paradise for us to flourish, yet if we abuse what we are given, then suffer we will. Education is the key to a beautiful life, not institutional education but self-education, that which answers the unanswerable questions and brings us fulfillment in the knowledge we are gods within ourselves.

Ronald Ritter

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  • December 27, 2020
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