The Divyne Bleeders.  Saleem Rustom

The Divyne Bleeders

The Divyne Vampires

By Bloodwitch Luz Oscuria, Saleem Rustom (Traductor)

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In her infinite goodness, the Goddess Ivy created a world divided into different spheres, one for each type of creature who would agree to worship Her. This is how the Divine Lands were born. Among these lands was the Vampire Sphere which, as the name suggests, housed the creatures of the night. From the Lycans to the Ghoules, passing by the Incubes and other Farfadets, beyond the small villages of mortals like Dorelys, Lake De La Luna and the dangerous forest of the Abymes, reigned the great City which bore the name Pandemonia, stronghold of the Vampires, where the sun never rose. It was there that Kate-Lynn ran aground, a young mortal who had unwittingly turned Vampire, following the request of her Lord named Valek, who had made her understand that it was in this City that she had to go in order to 'find protection there. He was supposed to join her, but everything did not go as planned ...

Saleem Rustom

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  • 9781667408613
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  • Inglés
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  • Published:
  • December 27, 2020
  • Fantasía

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