Cover it up !.  Mireille Tembouret

Cover it up !

By Mireille Tembouret

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History, function, codes and characteristics of blousons, raincoats, habits, coats and jackets. The first volume of our ”Grammar of Western clothing” series. Men – and women – have always wrestled with the elements to protect themselves from cold or hot weather and shield against rain or snow. Though they may have wished to flatter their physique for aesthetic purposes, they were obliged to invent and adapt clothes for their everyday circumstances. The shapes, functions and details which appeared over the centuries defined a rich wardrobe, often forgotten in modern times. This ”grammar of Western clothing” gives an overview of the codes and characteristics of typical garments from yesterday and today. In this first volume, we explore the blousons, raincoats, habits, coats and jackets which... Cover us up! ABOUT THE AUTHOR Originally a passionate collector of old fabrics and clothing, Mireille Tembouret today oversees the enormous “Vestiaire” (wardrobe), a mix of civilian and religious garments from many eras. The company - with its surprising resources - provides clothing to film, television and theater professionals as well as special-event organizers or private individuals. After teaching fashion design at Esmod Paris and a design career in the Paris fashion industry. She now dedicates her energies to developing her company, based in Paris.

Mireille Tembouret

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  • December 27, 2020
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