Write Romantic Novels ...and Live On It.  Cristina López

Write Romantic Novels ...and Live On It

By Corinna Taylor, Cristina López (Traductor)

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These types of novels are not the same as the historical ones that were established in the period of the regency. They are usually shorter, usually paying attention to the society of the regency and dialogue around action and sex (although Mary Balogh and other authors have introduced sex in this genre) it can be said that these romances should Much to authors as I arrived Georgette Heyer (one of the favorite writers of the SF, author of Lois McMaster Bujold) also to Jane Austen. In spite of everything, the regency of today does not have to be a sitcom. This subgenre can deal with distressed characters, discovering the importance of family life, with heroines forced to sexual abuse, protagonists or women heroines forced to become prostitutes (Mary Balogh, The Secret Pearl). Some writers began writing these types of novels before entering historical romance. Notable names in this genre, especially the humorous regency are Emma Jensen, Barbara Metzger, Diane Farr, Marion Chesney and Kasey Michaels. Notable authors of more serious regencies include Mary Balogh, Carla Kelly, Joan Wolf, Patricia Oliver, Mary Jo Putney, Alison Lane, Elisabeth Fairchild and Jo Beverley.

Cristina López

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