The Sheriff of Pecos.  H. Bedford-Jones

The Sheriff of Pecos


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The Sheriff of Pecos is a western novel by H. Bedford-Jones. Bedford-Joneswas a Canadian-American historical, adventure fantasy, science fiction, crime and Western writer who became a naturalized United States citizen in 1908.He wrote numerous works of historical fiction dealing with several different eras, including Ancient Rome, the Viking era, seventeenth century France and Canada during the "New France" era. Bedford-Jones produced several fantasy novels revolving around Lost Worlds. Excerpt: "Besides "Galway" Mike, who was reading the Pahrump County News behind the bar, there were three men in Mike's Place. One of the three was a stranger. He sat drowsily at the corner table, hat pulled over his eyes, whisky untasted. The other two stood at the bar. The tall, dangerous man who had a rattler skin about his white Stetson was speaking: "It's like this, Murphy. Right after the old man died, young Shumway went to the pen. He was caught dead to rights with a runnin' iron, y' understand——" "So I heard." The large, red-faced man chuckled. "So I heard, Buck."

H. Bedford-Jones

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