Painting technique (Translated).  David De Angelis

Painting technique (Translated)

By Vincent Tyler, David De Angelis (Traductor)

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The techniques of painting embrace the practices necessary to give consistency and durability to paintings, and those guiding principles behind which the artist can transform coloring substances into elements suitable for the imitation of the lights and colors that cover natural things. This extension proceeds from the very organic structure of the singular structure of the painting, which imposes on the painter, for each act of the brush, the dual intent of the stability of the colors and their significant appearance, resistance and suitability of the technical means being linked in such an indissoluble way that they cannot be separated without the art itself disappearing; because, lacking resistance in the pictorial material against the infinite causes that tend in the course of time to alter it, it must necessarily destroy itself, just as, lacking the suitability of the means to achieve the reproduction of the truth, the work comes to place itself outside the orbit of art.

David De Angelis

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  • December 27, 2020
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