The Peace Reform.  Prospective et Innovation

The Peace Reform

By Prospective et Innovation

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For over a year now, the world has been going through theordeal of the pandemic. Multilateralism has suffered as a result.Far from creating a movement of solidarity, the virus has left it evenmore vulnerable. However, the pandemic does not explain everything. Its falloutcannot conceal the underlying trends at the root of the currentupheavals in multilateralism. Leaders for Peace have taken multiple initiatives during the period in line with its two fundamental goals: to propose andto act. The 2021 report takes up the proposals made, and provides avision of a renewed multilateralism that forces us to consider thefamous «world after».The fracture lines are clear.Competition instead of cooperation - Tension and a new ColdWar - A return to the world before or ecological transition. Fortunately, in the midst of multiple pitfalls, an area of consensusis emerging at the heart of international relations in order to renewmultilateralism. And address the challenges of avoiding furtherfragmentation and preventing global order from being reduced toa simple logic of blocs. With this in mind, Leaders for Peace has several proposals tooffer. This report expresses our confidence in a multilateralismthat supports new ideas in step with the changes of our century, aswell as our confidence in extending the necessary innovations indiplomacy to civil society. Faced with the combined effects of crises and the increase ofviolence, it is our collective responsibility to arm future generationsthrough a pedagogy of Peace.This is the founding vocation of the Peace Schools: to ensure thetransmission of the tools and methods of peace-building to makethese young people producers of Peace in their own environments.

Prospective et Innovation

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  • December 27, 2020
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