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Globo Arte September 2020

By globo arte

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Globo Arte is an art magazine for helping artist in their art career, containing artist interviews, important art tips and so much more Contents Interview - 1) Rachael Padilla 2) 3 Teenage sister 3) Leya Doren Feature article The motivation for an identity - Niva Aljor Portuguese article by Niva Aljor How to make and sell your own online art courses How to use Instagram insights for growing your Instagram page 30 days motivation challenge to get you back on track Along with fun corner to make your art journey more fun. Art Curatorial niva aljor Selected artist 1) Tori Harbron 2) Eva Bansal 3) Ailín Bardón 4) Alena 5) Karla Arán Roque 6)Hannah Ericson 7)Sophie Blais Banspach 8) Khriselle Mae A. Beting 9) SilviaSarsano 10)Deylis Rodriguez 11)Mario Viani 12)Sristi Das 13)Eva L. Pardo 14)Joel Quisbert Arteaga 15)Elyn Moises 16)Alexander Daniels Escobar 17) Arisha 18) Urvashi 19) Lissi 20)Emma Gilmartin 21)Sreeji VC 22)Chukwunonyerem Tochi Phinehas 23) James Evans 24)Fabian Puente 25)Karolina Maruši? 26) Kubra Sert 27) Bryan P. Enecillo 28) Sharlyn Rios 29) Brently Spark 30) Jeena Creswick

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  • December 29, 2019
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