Hybrid War.  Jesus M. Gonzalez

Hybrid War

By Mauro Voerzio, Jesus M. Gonzalez (Traductor)

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Disinformation is a bad virus for Democracies and a vaccine can never be discovered to render it harmless. With the help of everyone, however, we can contain it and make it less effective. The book talks about the techniques used by disinformers, the terminologies that are used every day by journalists and insiders whose meaning is often unknown, disinformation in history, the psychological aspects of disinformation, case studies, objectives that disinformation sets for itself. Disinformation is certainly one of the most important components of the new hybrid wars. A hybrid war is underway against the fundamental values ??of the West, a hybrid war that aims to collapse the project of the European Union, the largest peace project in history. Recognizing disinformation and disinformers will help us recognize our enemies, those who want to destroy the society we built, with not a few sacrifices, by our grandparents and our parents. As in all wars, in hybrid war, there are generals and soldiers. It is up to us to decide which side of the fence to stand on in this modern call to arms.

Jesus M. Gonzalez

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  • Published:
  • December 27, 2020
  • Ciencias Políticas / General