Apache Devil.  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Apache Devil


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Apache Devil Edgar Rice Burroughs - A sequel to The War Chief, Shoz-Dijiji, the Black Bear, has lost his love, Ish-kay-nay, to death, killed his mortal enemy, Juh, the Apache. He does not understand his attraction to the white woman, Wichita Billings, while he takes up the warpath as the Apache Devil.THE silver light of Klego-na-ay, the full moon, shone down from out the star-lit heavens of an Arizona night upon the camp of the Be-don-ko-he Apaches; shone upon sleek copper shoulders; shone upon high cheek bones; softened the cruel lines of swart, savage facesfaces as inscrutable as is the face of Klego-na-ay herself.Shone the silver moonlight upon Nan-ta-do-tash, the izze- nantan of his people, as he led them in the dance, as he prayed for rain to save their parched crops. As he danced, Nan-ta-do-tash twirled his. tzi-ditinidi about his head, twirled it rapidly from front to rear, producing the sound of a gust of rain-laden wind; and the warriors and the women, dancing with Nan-ta-do-tash, listened to the tzi- ditinidi, saw the medicine man cast hoddentin to the four winds, and knew that these things would compel the wind and the rain to come to the aid of their crops.

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Edgar Rice Burroughs (Chicago; 1 de septiembre de 1875 – Encino, California; 19 de marzo de 1950) fue un escritor de género fantástico célebre por sus series de historias de Barsoom (ambientadas en Marte), de Pellucidar (que tienen lugar en el centro de la Tierra) y, en especial, por la creación del mundialmente famoso personaje de Tarzán.
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