Women Composers' Creative Conditions Before and During the Turkish Republic.  Nejla Melike Atalay

Women Composers' Creative Conditions Before and During the Turkish Republic

By Nejla Melike Atalay

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This research is focused on three Istanbulite composers, Leyla Han?mefendi, Nazife Aral-Güran, and Yüksel Koptagel, who lived and produced in consecutive and overlapping periods, from the Tanzimat Era of the Ottoman Empire to the Turkish Republic of the 1980s. It explores the composers' productive and creative conditions through the socio-political environments of their times, their familial and educational backgrounds, and the social spaces in which they lived and worked. The institutionalisation of Western music and the education thereof occupy a significant place in understanding the composers' relationships with Western music, the bonds they established with polyphonic music, and the development of their musical personalities as a consequence of their education, resultant from the opportunities provided by such developments. This study conjointly examines herstory and music historiography by employing alternative materials and creating its own narrative.

Nejla Melike Atalay