Yale Classics - Roman Classical Literature.  Theodore Chickering Williams

Yale Classics - Roman Classical Literature

By Augustus, Catullus, Claudian, Ennius, Saint Augustine of Hippo, Juvenal, Lucan, Martial, The Metamorphoses, Cornelius Nepos, Persius, Plautus, Quintilian, Sallust, Suetonius, Fernando Vicente Sánchez, Pliny the Younger, W. S. Bohn (Traductor), Frederick Charles Tindal Bosanquet (Traductor), William Jackson Brodribb (Traductor), Harold Edgeworth Butler (Traductor), Robinson Ellis (Traductor), Lewis Evans (Traductor), William Charles Firebaugh (Traductor), Richard Mott Gummere (Traductor), J.S.Watson (Traductor), E. Jones (Traductor), William Ellery Leonard (Traductor), John William Mackail (Traductor), W. A. McDevitte (Traductor), Paul Nixon (Traductor), Maurice Platnauer (Traductor), James Rhoades (Traductor), Edward Ridley (Traductor), Henry Thomas Riley (Traductor), William Rose (Traductor), Frederick W. Shipley (Traductor), Christopher Smart (Traductor), Theodore Chickering Williams (Traductor)

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e-artnow presents to you the greatest works of Roman classical literature. The selection of books is based on Yale Department of Classics required reading list. Originally designed for students, this exceptional collection will benefit greatly everyone curious about the history, language, everyday life and culture of ancient Rome. This collection is a compound of ancient Roman wisdom, presenting all the major works of the classical era of Latin literature. By studying the art, history, and social dilemmas of the ancient civilizations person obtains the ability to look at the bigger picture of the present day, the social and political power struggle and ruptures, as well as other major problems of our contemporary society with a dapper understanding. Content: Plautus: Aulularia Amphitryon Terence: Adelphoe Ennius: Annales Catullus: Poems Lucretius: On the Nature of Things Julius Caesar: The Civil War Sallust: History of Catiline's Conspiracy Cicero: De Oratore Brutus Horace: The Odes The Epodes The Satires The Epistles The Art of Poetry Virgil: The Aeneid The Georgics Tibullus: Elegies Propertius: Elegies Cornelius Nepos: Lives of Eminent Commanders Ovid: The Metamorphoses Augustus: Res Gestae Divi Augusti Lucius Annaeus Seneca: Moral Letters to Lucilius Lucan: On the Civil War Persius: Satires Petronius: Satyricon Martial: Epigrams Pliny the Younger: Letters Tacitus: The Annals Quintilian: Institutio Oratoria Juvenal: Satires Suetonius: The Twelve Caesars Apuleius: The Metamorphoses Ammianus Marcellinus: The Roman History Saint Augustine of Hippo: The Confessions Claudian: Against Eutropius Boethius: The Consolation of Philosophy Plutarch: The Rise and Fall of Roman Supremacy: Romulus Poplicola Camillus Marcus Cato Lucullus Fabius Crassus Coriolanus Cato the Younger Cicero

Theodore Chickering Williams

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    Historia Antigua

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