Hawaii's Story by Hawaii's Queen.  Lili?uokalani

Hawaii's Story by Hawaii's Queen

By Lili?uokalani

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A memoir of a Hawaiian queen living in the Victorian era is fascinating to anyone seeking rare historical pieces and materials about political leaders. It tells about Liliuokalani, the last queen of Hawaii, whose ancestors were first converts to Christianity and creators of the constitution. She lived in the turbulent times of the Victorian era, a problematic period for Hawaii and herself. Her life was full of events ? from marriage and coronation to revolution and imprisonment. The book is written in the first person and claims to be a personal memoir of the real princess. It describes in detail her childhood, marriage, a world tour, acquaintance and friendship with President Cleveland and his wife, a visit to Great Britain, meetings with nobility and then the overthrow of the monarchy in Hawaii, and other political events leading to the annexation of Hawaii to the US in the late 19thcentury, which she didn't support. The book is considered an important document and one of the key historical sources for the Hawaiian sovereignty movement.


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