How to learn korean in 30 days.  Stefania Simonato

How to learn korean in 30 days

By Stefania Simonato

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This book will make you learn KOREAN in just 30 days, starting from scratch . And this is more than a simple promise. Let me explain… The process is very simple: the book is divided into 30 chapters, one for each day, to allow you to learn the basis of this language in only one month. To get the most out of this course, you just have to follow one rule: read a chapter a day, nothing more, nothing less. If you abide by this rule and follow the instructions included in the book, the result is guaranteed. Forget the usual boring grammar lessons, anonymous and depersonalized. “ HOW TO LEARN KOREAN IN 30 DAYS ” was made with all the self-help chrisms, like a practical handbook, characterised by a personal, fun and stimulating style. It is filled with many curious anecdotes and advices useful not only to speak in KOREAN, but also to get by during a trip. If you are still not sure, keep on reading… From the preface of the Author… (…) When I started to learn Korean in Italy I could not find any textbook able to help me to fully understand the contemporary society and when I first set foot in Korea I felt really lost. I wish someone had taken my hand and shown me all the things that I came to know after years of direct experience. I also tried to be very objective in the exposition of the material: it happens often that the passion for Korea causes people (especially young girls) to have an idyllic image of this nation, without knowing and recognizing the problematic aspects too. “ HOW TO LEARN KOREAN IN 30 DAYS ” aims at being the fastest and most enjoyable method to learn Korean. The purpose is to study one chapter a day, for a total of 30 days. Every chapter starts from a cultural anecdote, slowly approaching a grammar rule, some words and many exercises to test yourself. Every chapter therefore will help you to understand Korea thoroughly. It is suitable both for those working and for those travelling… as well as for those who are only curious to learn something about this culture full of surprises! The difficult thing for a foreigner lies not only in verbal communication but also in understanding the culture of those giving hospitality. With this “little book” you can dive into the real South Korean culture, becoming, with some patience, little experts.

Stefania Simonato

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  • December 27, 2020
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