Grandchildren Conferences and Workshops.  Yaffa Eliezer

Grandchildren Conferences and Workshops

By Shalom Eliezer, Yaffa Eliezer

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Grandchildren Conferences and Workshops? People are surprised and want to know what they are. Our motto for these special get-togethers was ”to have fun while learning”. Who could have imagined that our first get-together would be followed by so many meetings? Just recently, one of the grandchildren asked me if we were planning another workshop? To quote some participants: ”The first thing is about the learning. I never felt that Ienjoyed learning before. I do enjoy it here.” ”If we would enjoy 20% of the things that we learn in school like we do here, we would enjoy school much more and be much better students.” ”With each conference the standards are higher and more challenging.” ”I enjoyed the bazaar and the lectures and especially everyone's participation.” From one of the plays ”A Small Debate” between 9 distinguished scientists. Franklin : All of us are important and this is the reason that we were invited to Grandchildren Conference 5 ”Smile With Science”. Da Vinci: Grandchildren Conference? I existed before all of you, and in my time, there was no such thing. Maiman : I attended many conferences on physics. I heard about conferences in chemistry, art, architecture, medicine, … but I never heard of Grandchildren Conferences.” From Conference 6 I was busy shopping, cooking and during it all, missiles were being launched into Israel, first into the south and soon into the rest of the country

Yaffa Eliezer

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  • December 27, 2020
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