Random Harvest.  Mohan Kanda

Random Harvest

By Mohan Kanda

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I have often wondered as to how much inexhaustible variety of knowledge and expertise is packed in Mohan's lean and thin frame. The best of all is that his writings bring a lot of knowledge in an easy reading, which is laced with his customary wit and humour, thus making for compulsive reading. Keep writing Mohan, our friend, so that we can keep going! General Nirmal Chander Vij, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM Mohan Kanda delights us even as he educates us in these nuggets of plain good sense, intelligence and, above all, utter honesty. If wisdom can come with a smile or laughter with a lesson, they do so in these editorials. I can only say, 'Keep writing, dear friend'. Gopalkrishna Gandhi, formerly Diplomat and Governor of West Bengal. An amazing and heady mix of reflections and recollections, not only pertaining to the vast variety of postings of Mohan over his career, but also about matters of interest and importance, especially to the youth. Every day something entirely different is thrown up and that keeps interest going. V.K. Agnihotri, former Secretary General, Rajya Sabha Contents: 1. Bringing up the Parents 2. Incredible India Wallowing in Neglect 3. History or Farce – or a Political Tool? 4. Allergy to Dissent 5. Man and Machine – The Love-Hate Game 6. Who is saying 'No' to Telugu? 7. Balancing the Self-Respect Bandwagon 8. Losses - Real and Perceived 9. Spirituality and Politics! 10. Delayed Announcements Deny Benefits 11. Rollback Sops for All Religions 12. Pragmatism or Populism? 13. An Idea whose Time Hasn’t Come 14. Only Time Will Tell if the Budget is Good 15. Fund of Funds Release @ NITI 16. Why States are Seeking More 17. AP Summits and MoUs Why Intentions do not become Investments 18. South may be Sour Grapes for BJP 19. All is Fair in Legislatures and War 20. ‘Jo Dikhta, Wo Bikta’ 21. ‘Day Zero’ Zeroing in on us 22. Time to Revisit Standard Time 23. A Myopic Govt that is Penny Wise. 24. Costs of Aping China 25. Waste not Solid Opportunities 26. Past Efforts must be Recognized 27. India Must Gird up its Loins as a Messenger of Peace 28. Intolerance of a different Kind 29. “Lateral Entry’ Feature Disquieting 30. In the Fitness of Things 31. Sympathy Seldom Fetches Votes 32. Working at Cross-Purposes 33. Beware Fake News Swamp 34. NCM Defeat Augurs Well for the Nation

Mohan Kanda

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  • December 27, 2020
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