Aunt Jane's Nieces at Work.  Edith Van Dyne

Aunt Jane's Nieces at Work

By Sheba Blake, Edith Van Dyne

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Written by Wizard of Oz creator L. Frank Baum under the pseudonym Edith Van Dyne, this volume of the Aunt Jane's Nieces series finds the girls dipping their dainty toes into the turbulent waters of party politics. When a cousin announces a run for a seat in the New York state legislature, the nieces drop everything to help out with his campaign -- and learn a lot in the process.

Edith Van Dyne

  • Publisher:
  • Sheba Blake Publishing
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  • 9783986772840
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  • Inglés
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  • Published:
  • December 27, 2020
  • Ficción / General