Summary of We Were Never Here.  Alexander Cooper

Summary of We Were Never Here

Self-Development Summaries

By Alexander Cooper

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Summary of We Were Never Here- A Comprehensive Summary Andrea Bartz is a Br??kl?n-b???d j?urn?l??t ?nd ?uth?r ?f the forthcoming thriller We Were Never Here . H?r d?but thr?ll?r, The Lost Night (Crown, 2019), was ?n LA T?m?? b??t??ll?r, and h?r sophomore thr?ll?r, The Herd (B?ll?nt?n?, 2020) was n?m?d a b??t b??k ?f th? ???r b? M?r?? Cl??r?, Crime R??d?, G??d H?u??k????ng, ?nd ?th?r outlets. Her w?rk h?? appeared in The W?ll Str??t Journal, V?gu?, C??m???l?t?n, Women's Health, M?rth? St?w?rt Living, Ell?, and m?n? ?th?r ?utl?t?, and ?h?'? h?ld editorial positions ?t Glamour, P???h?l?g? T?d??, ?nd S?lf, ?m?ng other t?tl??. The book opens with one of th? characters, Kr??t?n, k?ll?ng a man while ?h?’? ?n v???t??n w?th h?r best friend, Em?l?. Kr??t?n ?l??m? it w?? ?n ??lf-d?f?n??, but th? incident is oddly ??m?l?r t? ??m?th?ng that happened th? l??t t?m? th?? w?r? v???t??n?ng t?g?th?r just last year. As a r??ult, Emily starts t? ?u??t??n h?r fr??nd?h?? with Kr??t?n and wh?t ?x??tl? h????n?d th?t n?ght. Wh?n I ?t?rt?d th? b??k, I r??l?z?d ?n some level that the premise ?f ?t d?dn’t r??ll? gr?b m? t? b?g?n w?th, but I g?v? ?t a ?h?t ?n?w?? ??n?? I’ve b??n pleasantly surprised by some ?f R????’? b??k club ???k? ?n th? past. By ?b?ut h?lfw?? into the b??k, however, th? ?l?t ?t?ll h?dn’t moved past th? point d???r?b?d ?n the ??v?r blurb (b?????ll? wh?t I ?umm?r?z?d ?b?v?), and I w?? g?tt?ng a l?ttl? b?r?d. There’s also ??m?wh?t ?f ?n ?l?m?nt of r?d??ul?u?n??? to th? wh?l? book, but t? b? honest th?t’? not what r??ll? b?th?r?d me. In?t??d, a bigger ???u? ?? th?t f??rl? early on ?n th? b??k, ?t’? ?l??r wh?t’? r??ll? going ?n ?nd there aren’t r??ll? many ?ur?r???? fr?m th?r?. Th? ?l?t ?nd? u? ?l???ng ?ut ?n a fairly ?r?d??t?bl? w??, ?nd I ?truggl?d t? stay ?nt?r??t?d in ?t. Th?r?’? some attempt b? the ?uth?r to ????h?-?n?l?z? th??? characters, but I didn’t f?nd it ?ll th?t satisfying. Here is a Preview of What You Will Get: ? A Full Book Summary ? An Analysis ? Fun quizzes ? Quiz Answers ? Etc Get a copy of this summary and learn about the book.

Alexander Cooper

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  • December 27, 2020
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