Nutrition for Top Performance in Soccer.  Michael Gleeson

Nutrition for Top Performance in Soccer

By Michael Gleeson

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During a 90-minute match, an elite soccer player must cover almost six miles as well as expend almost 1600 kilocalories of energy. To be able to tackle, pass, dribble, shoot and stay mentally sharp without fatigue means that players must follow appropriate fuelling tactics, before and during the match. Recovery starts as soon as a match ends, so nutrition during this time is critical for muscle repair and refuelling. Appropriate food choices and timing are also important to allow a player to train hard, avoid illness, sleep well, maintain appropriate body composition and recuperate from injury. To understand and apply the principles of sports nutrition, this book uses the UEFA 2020 Expert Group Consensus Review on Nutrition in Elite Football to give evidence-based guidelines for optimising soccer performance through appropriate nutrition. It also examines what elite soccer players eat and drink, using current recommendations made by nutrition experts. Also included are some amusing anecdotes about the history of soccer nutrition and some of the obscure and even absurd food and beverage choices that professional players have made over the years. In this book, you will find the very latest comprehensive information on nutrition guidelines for professional players which is highly relevant to the amateur player and, with some modifications, to the needs of junior players. Female players and match officials can read about their specific nutrition needs. Relevant issues such as eating and drinking during travel, food hygiene and the influence of cultural and religious beliefs are also considered. Finally, you will have at your fingertips meal plans and snacks for training, match and recovery days. Soccer is a truly global game which is constantly evolving. Over the past decade there have been substantial increases in the physical and technical demands of match play, meaning teams' training regimens have become more multidimensional to prepare players and address individual player needs. Nutrition can play a valuable, integrated role in optimising the performance of players during training and match play and in maintaining their overall health throughout a long season. An evidence-based approach to nutrition which emphasises a "food first" philosophy, prioritising food over supplements to meet nutrient requirements, is fundamental to ensure effective player support. The science underpinning sports nutrition is evolving at a fast pace, and knowing what the top professional players are doing in terms of their nutrition can help amateur players improve their own performance, recovery and health. "Nutrition for Top Performance in Soccer is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to improve their knowledge and understand the effect that nutrition can have on performance." –Brendan Rodgers, Leicester City FC manager INCLUDES RECIPES FROM ELITE PERFORMANCE CHEFS, R ACHEL MUSE AND BRUNO CIRILLO All

Michael Gleeson

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