The Greatest Classics of Ancient Greece.  Sappho

The Greatest Classics of Ancient Greece

By Alcaeus, Anacreon, Apollonius, Archilochus, Bacchylides, Callimachus, Simonides of Ceos, EURÍPIDES, Jorge Armando Fonseca, Theognis of Megara, Gilbert Murray, Plato, Sappho

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Musaicum Books presents you the greatest works of ancient Greek literature. The selection of books is based on Yale Department of Classics required reading list. Originally designed for students, this exceptional collection will benefit greatly everyone curious about the history, language, and literary and material culture of ancient Greece. Ancient Greek literature has had a profound impact on western literature at large. In particular, many ancient Roman authors drew inspiration from their Greek predecessors. Ever since the Renaissance, European authors in general, including Dante Alighieri, William Shakespeare, John Milton, and James Joyce, have all drawn heavily on classical themes and motifs. This collection is a compound of ancient Greek wisdom, presenting all the major works of every genre of Greek literature. Ultimately, it will train you to develop powers of critical analysis by studying the important periods and major authors of Greek literature. By studying the art, history, and cultures of the ancient world you will gain the power to illuminate problems confronting contemporary society. Homer: Introduction Iliad Odyssey Homeric Hymns Hesiod: Introduction Works and Days Theogony Greek Lyric Poetry: Archilochus Alcaeus Sappho Alcman Anacreon Theognis of Megara Simonides of Ceos Bacchylides Pindar The Oresteia (Aeschylus): The Life and Work of Aeschylus Agamemnon The Choephori (The Libation-Bearers) Eumenides The Tragedies of Sophocles: The Life and Work of Sophocles Ajax Antigone Oedipus at Colonus The Tragedies of Euripides: The Life and Work of Euripides Medea Hippolytus Bacchae The Comedies of Aristophanes: The Life and Work of Aristophanes Frogs Birds Lysistrata Herodotus: The Life and Work of Herodotus The Histories Thucydides: The Life and Work of Thucydides History of the Peloponnesian War Plato: The Life and Work of Plato Republic The Apology of Socrates (Plato) Symposium (Plato) Phaedo (Plato) Aristotle: The Life and Work of Aristotle Poetics Politics Nicomachean Ethics The Orations of Lysias The Philippics (Demosthenes) Argonautica (Apollonius) Hymns of Callimachus The Idylls of Theocritus The Rise and Fall of Greek Supremasy (Plutarch): The Life and Work of Plutarch Biographies: Theseus Solon Themistocles Aristides Cimon Pericles Nicias Alcibiades Phocion Demosthenes Epictetus: The Enchiridion


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