Awakening.  Belinda Frith


By Marco Rispoli, Belinda Frith (Traductor)

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It was spring here in the Southern Hemisphere and, like all mornings, the alarm went off at 7:30.  But, unlike other mornings, I had no problems waking up that morning.  During the night, something strange had happened. Years ago, I had read Paulo Coelho's book The Way before watching the film but I had never seriously thought about doing the Camino de Santiago.  Of course I had told myself many times "One day I will do it!" But that morning, that thought was no longer a simple desire but had become a conviction to do El Camino.  I knew that answers would come only if I walked to Santiago de Compostela: answers to questions about my life, what was left of my life and about overcoming this heavy burden of unhappiness that I had been hiding from everyone, including myself, for far too many years. That mysterious energy of El Camino called for me, reaching to São Paulo in Brazil, convincing me that now was the time. The Camino de Santiago is alive: it is not simply a well-trodden path but a band of energy fueled by the thousands of pilgrims who have, every year, engaged in this fantastic, incredible, intense and transformative adventure.  This book recounts my own transformation during El Camino which awakened me to the voids in the life I was living and to the hopes I had for the life ahead of me.

Belinda Frith

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  • December 26, 2021
  • Cuerpo, mente y espíritu / General

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