Rookwood.  William Harrison Ainsworth


By William Harrison Ainsworth

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First published in 1834, “Rookwood” is a historical and gothic romance by William Harrison Ainsworth. “Rookwood” is a rich and complex Gothic-Romance centring on the murky deeds of an ancient family, it describes a dispute over the legitimate claim for the inheritance of Rookwood Place and the Rookwood family name. The novel is a wonderfully atmospheric piece that combines narrative, poetry, song, and descriptive writing to great effect. The character of Dick Turpin that we know today - the dashing highwaymen and unmatched horseman - can be said to stem directly from this novel, as the most famous part of the book (often published on its own in the past), Turpin’s Ride To York , is devoted to him. Although seemingly little known to a modern audience, Ainsworth’s "Rookwood" gave the world the image of the highwayman with which we are all so familiar.

William Harrison Ainsworth

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