Needle Felting Handbook.  Zera Meyer

Needle Felting Handbook

By Zera Meyer

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Your Go-To Guide To Start Crafting Awesome Needle Felting Object Pieces Needle felting is essentially the process of sculpting with unspun wool, also known as roving. It's also known as 'dry felting,' because it doesn't require any water or soap, compared tothe more well-known 'wet felting,' and all you need to get started with making awesome craftsis afelting needle to mesh the wool together. As you poke the needle, the barbs in the needle pull the wool strands together, firming it up as you shape it. While felting is an old craft, needle felting in this form is pretty modern. Eleanor, a fiber artist from the United States, is the first person to adopt it.With the advent of craft blogging and Etsy in the early 2000s, the trend flourished and made its way to the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. Needle felting is appealing because it is simple to learn, has a low entrance cost, and is portable. It is a wonderfully relaxing and anxiety-relieving craft. Then there's the pride of having created your first 'thing' – a genuinely spectacular experience! As a newbie to needle felting, you need all the tips, techniques, and knowledge resources you can lay hold of to avoid the pitfalls other beginners make and start making beautiful pieces of crafts that you can sell for profit; this book thus, is a good place to start. This book, Needle Felting Handbook, will benefit youregardless ofwhere you are in your needle felting journey. Here are snippets of what you will learn; • Crafts you can make with needle felting • The benefits you stand to gain when you needle-felt • Needle felting crafts you can profit from • Ways to promote your felted crafts • Needle felting tips and techniques that make the felting process seamless • Basic tools and supplies needed to start felting • 9 DIY needle felting project ideas you can start with RIGHT AWAY! • Troubleshooting common needle felting problems and felting mistakes to avoid And lots more! So, what more are you waiting for? Get a copy of this book RIGHT NOW to get started

Zera Meyer

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  • Zera Meyer
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  • December 26, 2021
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