The Adaptation.  S.M. Pratt

The Adaptation

The Diary Obsession

By S.M. Pratt

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Two women. One man. Zero limits. My name’s Charlie, and I have a problem: I’m obsessed with two talented, smart, and sexy women. Armed with their diaries, I’ll do everything I can to achieve my goal: become their man. The Diary Obsession is an episodic novel that records my tales of obsession with Sophia and Virginia, presented in novella-length installments. The second episode ( The Adaptation ) covers the problems Sophia faces as she settles and creates her new life in Paris. It also introduces Virginia’s daughter (who definitely has issues of her own) and sees Sophia and Virginia reunite in person. Of course, I’ll take you back to the present with my current progress in courting my favorite ladies. If you like your LGBTQ romance with a good serving of mystery, action, and sizzling heat, then you’ll love this episodic novel about me and my obsession with two gorgeous women. Get your copy today and take a peek between the sheets. (I won’t tell if you won’t.)

S.M. Pratt