The Declaration.  S.M. Pratt

The Declaration

The Diary Obsession

By S.M. Pratt

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Two women. One man. Zero limits. My name’s Charlie, and I have a problem: I’m obsessed with two talented, smart, and sexy women. Armed with their diaries, I’ll do everything I can to achieve my goal: become their man. The Diary Obsession is an episodic novel that records my tales of obsession with Sophia and Virginia, presented in novella-length installments. Most of the third episode ( The Declaration ) takes place in Madrid, Spain. Sophia declares her love to Virginia who doesn’t react the way Sophia hoped. It also features a steamy threesome reunion with JuanMa. As mentioned at the end of episode two, I will also head to Spain to meet with Virginia and try to resolve yet another fight between my two favorite ladies. If you like your LGBTQ romance with a good serving of mystery, action, and sizzling heat, then you’ll love this episodic novel about me and my obsession with two gorgeous women. Get your copy today and take a peek between the sheets. (I won’t tell if you won’t.)

S.M. Pratt