The Last Covid.  George H. Y. Watson

The Last Covid

By George H. Y. Watson

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The Chinese Ministry for State Security was informed by The Right Honourable Karl Menzies, His Majesty’s (not so) loyal Opposition Member of Parliament that the British had recently supplied the Australians and New Zealanders with nuclear weapons, to be used at their discretion to halt Chinese expansion. The effrontery of the Westerners! Revenge on the Australians and New Zealanders would be taken in a suitable manner at a later date, but the British were the priority and must be made to pay and pay dearly! There had to be a good way, a subtle and non-attributable way to punish them. And there was! The new and very deadly Covid 69! There were five of us in our Army patrol, Porky, Little Tom, Biker Bill, Sir Peter and myself, ‘Brizzle’. All over the U.K. we went in a desperate fire-fighting exercise to stem the Chinese invasion as the dreaded Covid 69 took its toll on our people. Our Armed Forces had all but been destroyed by the overwhelming resources of the enemy, but we hung on waiting for help that would never arrive whilst the supine Europeans stood back and the new U.S. government looked the other way. As Britain gradually faded away the Last Warriors of Albion would take their stand.

George H. Y. Watson

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  • December 27, 2020
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