Front Sight.  Marco Masetti

Front Sight

By Marco Masetti

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FRONT SIGHT by Marco Masetti Synopsis FRONT SIGHT is a collection of my notes as a high level Target Shooting Coach, who managed to achieve training an Athlete who won a Silver medal at the London Olympics. Mainly I speak of the training methodology in the field of Olympic target shooting, explaining in detail a method that was innovative in the period 2009-2012. More generally I speak of technical things, however, interspersed with actual episodes that occurred during competitions and training sessions. I recount what were the guidelines for me as an International Coach, my beliefs, my points of view and also my personal sports education. I believe it is a useful guide for the entire Shooting world seeing as I write specifically not only about what was carried out during the National Training Camps, but also about the work carried out during individual training sessions. I illustrate a training period of 21 weeks with a high-level athlete (but I do not publish all the 21 weekly work plans) and also a work plan developed for a club coach who had contacted me because he needed to train one of his athletes. These two chapters can undoubtedly set a good example for those learning to design work plans for themselves or for their Athletes. I provide insights into two scientific studies (with experiments) aimed at obtaining a better and improved level of performance, and also a series of "Shooting Games" to make training more interesting. At the end, I produce an extensive bibliography of the material cited in this book, but which was also useful for me throughout my sports education.

Marco Masetti

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