Wanderlust: A Solitary Island in the South Pacific.  Nina Hoffmann

Wanderlust: A Solitary Island in the South Pacific

By Adrian Hoffmann, Nina Hoffmann

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Nina and Adrian are in their late twenties and already feel stuck in the rat race of every day German life. The young couple searches for a way out that unites their longing for adventure, togetherness and unconventionality and finds: the perfect solitary island in the South Pacific! Without further ado, Nina and Adrian quit their jobs (a very liberating feeling by the way) and set off for paradise. Once there, the two live their dream. They harvest bananas and papayas, hang a hammock on the white sandy beach, grill freshly caught fish at the campfire at sunset and sleep under the most beautiful starry sky in the world. But soon reality breaks into their little paradise ...

Nina Hoffmann

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