Fulcrum and Torsion of the Helical Myocardium.  Mario Wernicke

Fulcrum and Torsion of the Helical Myocardium


By María Elena Bastarrica, Mario Beraudo, Francesc Carreras-Costa, Benjamín D. Elencwajg, Diego Lowenstein Haber, Jorge A. Lowenstein, Vicente Mora Llabata, Alejandro Trainini, Jorge C. Trainini, Jesús Valle Cabezas, Mario Wernicke

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In this new book, Trainini and his team attempt a step forward and make a series of proposals that come to complete cardiac anatomy, physiology and mechanics. Reading this new investigation is a pleasure that demands continuous attention, so that our "neuronal boxes" do not rebel against the effort it means to sometimes destroy what we have firmly installed in them. The text should be read slowly, as it was never easy to tread in swamp-limited grounds and, as in the ascent to the summit of a difficult mountain, stop now and then to take a breath and enjoy the view as we get near the peak, where we will see the final landscape of the new vision. Then we will be conscious that the effort was worthwhile.

Mario Wernicke

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  • December 26, 2021
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