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By Helmut Albert

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Science and research are currently in the process of discovering more and more two-dimensional molecular structures of different elements. Although the detectable properties of the layered structures are hardly compatible with the idea of a core-shell atom, the outdated idea of electron orbitals is still held on to. A conception that has long been untenable due to numerous inconsistencies. The paper makes it clear that two-dimensional, molecular atomic layers must also have their basis in two-dimensionally constructed atoms. The checkerboard-like, planar atomic structure by protons and neutrons is the natural atomic structure that determines both the two- and the three-dimensional, molecular structures. The paper refers in parts to earlier publication by the author on the checkerboard-like-planar atomic structure. (cf. Albert 2017, 2019a, 2019b, 2021).

Helmut Albert

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