1864 ... Fear About Capital.  Paula Banda Rendón

1864 ... Fear About Capital

By Anna Maria Stratta and Franca Bosco, Paula Banda Rendón (Traductor)

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1864 ... Fear About Capital by Anna Maria Stratta and Franca Bosco A series of murders always carries with it a series of investigations ... 1864 ... fear of the capital In an apartment in Piazza Vittorio, a young aristocrat had just taken the life of his mistress. As the nobleman walked away, conflicting emotions within him tormented him but at the same time exalted him. How nice to be masters of the life of another human being. Deciding to end the existence of another person made him feel almost omnipotent. These were the thoughts that crowded his head as an evil grin pursed his lips.

Paula Banda Rendón

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  • December 26, 2021
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