The Books of Enoch.  B Henry

The Books of Enoch

By Enoch Prophet, B Henry (Traductor)

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The complete Enoch manuscript is a compendium of ancient Hebrew texts, attributed directly to the Prophet Enoch, Noah's great-grandfather. The book describes in detail the fall of the angels (watchmen) who were carnally united with the humans and who would later engender the so-called Nephilim. For this reason the Lord sent the Archangels to bind this group led by Shemihaza and Azazel and eliminate the cursed offspring of the giants. The Watchers Book concludes with the story of the universal flood. The rest of the book is made up of: The book of dreams, the book of lights, the book of Noah and the book of parables. All possibly written by Enoch more than 5500 years ago according to chronology. "And the sons of heaven looked at the beauty of the daughters of men and in their hearts as time went by the immovable desire was formed that they did not reject, and out of lust and feeling the pleasure of the flesh they became bodies like humans and they came down on that mountain to carry out their wishes ”. Book of Enoch

B Henry

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