The Books of Enoch, Jubilees, and Jasher.  Jaryetdel Yassadin

The Books of Enoch, Jubilees, and Jasher

By Jaser Jaser, - Moses, Enoch Prophet, B Henry (Traductor), Jaryetdel Yassadin (Traductor)

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The complete collection of the most enigmatic and interesting historical books outside the compendium of the canonical scriptures. 1. Book of Jasher:The book of Jasher, or the book of the Just, is a book of Hebrew historical origin that is mentioned on several occasions in the Old Testament, and in the same way as the first canonical books, tells us in an expanded and detailed way the creation of man, their relationships, the lives of the prophets, the patriarchs, Moses, and many events of collective and religious interest. 2: The book of Jubilees: Considered as the little Genesis, the book of Jubilees or of the distribution of the days of the law; it is an ancient religious text of Hebrew origin, written around the year 100 b.c., and it relates in a more profound and detailed way the events and facts of Genesis until culminating with the departure of the Israelites from Egypt.It is worth mentioning that it is a canonical text for the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, although for most Protestant religions it is not. A large part of the compendium of the Book of Jubilees was discovered at the end of 1947 in the caves of Cumran. 3. The Book of Enoch: The complete manuscript of Enoch is a compendium of ancient Hebrew texts, directly attributed to the Prophet Enoch, great-grandfather of Noah. The book describes in detail the fall of the angels (watchers) who united carnally with humans and who would later beget the so-called Nephilim. For this reason the Lord sent the Archangels to bind this group led by Shemihaza and Azazel and eliminate the cursed offspring of the giants. The book of the Watchers concludes with the story of the universal flood. The rest of the book is composed of: The book of dreams, the book of luminaries, the book of Noah and the book of parables. All possibly written by Enoch more than 5500 years ago according to the chronology. * Original book without additions. Just like the original using the same language and narrative.

Jaryetdel Yassadin

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