Wolf Breed.  Jackson Gregory

Wolf Breed

By Jackson Gregory

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A mysterious stranger had suddenly appeared in a small town. The town was used to visitors but no one could foresee what kind of trouble this new guy had brought with him. Nothing portends danger than unannounced brooding men from distant lands! Excerpt: "All sorts and conditions of men come to the North Woods; some because they want to, some because they have to. Some because they are drawn by the fine lure of adventure and the urge of the restless spirit, some because they are driven by that bloodhound which is the law. All types, all classes. And yet now, standing jauntily upon Père Marquette's threshold, was a type of which as yet the Settlement had had no knowledge. He was young and wore his black mustaches with all of the fierceness of youth. His boots were at once the finest and the smallest which MacLeod's had ever seen upon a man's feet. He wore gloves, and when in due time the hands came out of the gloves, they were little like a woman's and white and soft. He was a handsome young devil-of-a-fellow with all of the soft, graceful beauty of the far southland. His mouth, smiling now, was red lipped, his teeth a glistening white. Eyes very big, very black, very soft, very tender, smiling too. From the crown of his wide black hat to the tall heels of his dainty boots he was such a dandy as demanded more than a casual glance."

Jackson Gregory

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  • December 26, 2021
  • Ficción / General
    Suspenso y Triller

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