Heaven In A Wild Flower.  John Broughton

Heaven In A Wild Flower

Saint Cuthbert Trilogy

By John Broughton

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Aella is a leatherworker living in 7th century Northumbria. After surviving the war against the Picts, the king becomes his godfather, and Aella befriends Bishop Cuthbert. Aware of Aella's skills, the monks of Lindisfarne commission him to make the cover of the Gospel of St. John as a gift for Cuthbert. Impressed by the masterpiece, Ecgfrith's successor, King Aldfrith, sends Aella to Ireland to learn to read and write. Soon, Aella befriends a fellow student, learns to illuminate manuscripts, and falls in love. But can he achieve his dreams, and wed the love of his life?

John Broughton

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  • December 26, 2021
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