The First & Second Epistle of St. Clement.  Alexander Roberts

The First & Second Epistle of St. Clement

By Clement of Rome, James Donaldson (Traductor), Alexander Roberts (Traductor)

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"The First Epistle of Clement" ('Clement to Corinthians') is a letter addressed to the Christians in the city of Corinth. Based on internal evidence some scholars say the letter was composed some time before AD 70, but the common time given for the epistle's composition is at the end of the reign of Domitian (c. AD 96). It ranks as one of the earliest of extant Christian documents outside the traditional New Testament canon. 1 Clement was occasioned by a dispute in Corinth, which had led to the removal from office of several presbyters. Since none of the presbyters were charged with moral offences, 1 Clement charges that their removal was high-handed and unjustifiable. "The Second Epistle of Clement" ('from Clement to Corinthians'), often referred to as 2 Clement, is an early Christian writing. It was considered canon by the Coptic Orthodox Church. 2 Clement appears to be a transcript of a homily or sermon that was originally delivered orally at a Christian worship service.

Alexander Roberts

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