HUMILITY - The Journey Toward Holiness.  Andrew Murray

HUMILITY - The Journey Toward Holiness


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Humility: The Journey Toward Holiness is a religious treatise written by South African teacher and Christian pastor Andrew Murray. It tells about why being prideful is terrible when we are Christians. It talks about the relationships between humility and holiness, sin, faith, death to self, happiness and exaltation. According to Murray, humility is the virtue that enables us to be most like Christ and being that, it is the attribute that most Christians need but that most don't want. True humility involves dying to self and letting Christ live in you. Murray claims that death to self enables one to be true self because as we become less, we actually become more as Christ dwells in us in His fullness. He also gives some wonderful examples about how Jesus displayed humility, as well as the examples of humility and lack of humility of his 12 disciples. The book contains many important lessons about being humble before God, but most importantly being humble in our everyday life among others. "Lord, Teach Us to Pray" is a treatise on prayer loaded with timeless lessons on prayer and can be looked a devotional meditation on the nature of prayer.

Andrew Murray

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