How to learn Arabic in 30 days.  Fatima Khalida Rasheeda

How to learn Arabic in 30 days

By Fatima Khalida Rasheeda

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This book will make you learn ARABIC in just 30 days, starting from scratch . And this is more than a simple promise. I explain to you… The method is very simple: the book is divided into 30 chapters, one per day , to allow you to learn the basics of this language in just one month. To get the most out of this course, you just have to stick to one rule: read one chapter a day , no more, no less. If you respect this rule and follow the instructions contained in the book, the result is guaranteed. Forget the usual boring grammar courses, with an anonymous and depersonalized profile. HOW TO LEARN ARABIC IN 30 DAYS was created with all the trappings of self-help, like a practical manual, with a personal, fun and motivating cut. It is full of curious anecdotes and useful tips not only for speaking in ARABIC, but also for getting by on the road. FROM THE FOREWORD BY THE AUTHOR Dear reader, if you have approached this book, it is because you have surely realized the growing importance of the Arabic language and, therefore, have decided to study it. Yours is a good decision and whatever the reason may be, of course, at the end of this manual, you will be satisfied. I will also try to give you a smattering of the cultural aspects of the Arabic language, through small notes and peculiarities, so that, in the end, you know how to express yourself with awareness and depth. When you finally learn to speak, there will be plenty of opportunities to practice, as ARABIC is the official language of 22 countries around the world.

Fatima Khalida Rasheeda

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  • December 26, 2021
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