My First Plato.  Rosemary Dawn Allison

My First Plato

By Enrico Valente, Rosemary Dawn Allison (Traductor)

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The series ?Meetings with the philosophers? is proposed to present to the lay public the life, thought and the works of the greatest philosophers of all time. The themes are faced with a simple, but rigourous language, basically adapted to anyone. The objective is to provide the reade with the essential cognitive tools to understand the basic features of the works of the author considered as well as the thoughts produces on the authors that they followed after. In this work we present the thought of Plato: the theory of ideas, political theory, knowledge, dialectic, arts, rhetoric, love, and a few myths among which the most celebrated such as the myth of the cavern and the myth winged chariot. PUBLISHER: TEKTIME

Rosemary Dawn Allison

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  • December 26, 2021
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