Safe House.  Gary Gregor

Safe House

Foley & Rose

By Gary Gregor

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An undercover Federal Police Officer. Two Mexican assassins. Australian hitmen on Harleys. A corrupt federal cop. An eclectic mix of personalities - all with opposing agendas. Jackson Traynor worked deep undercover as a senior, trusted member of the Australian arm of an illegal drug syndicate, overseeing the distribution of tons of illegal drugs imported into the country from Mexico. Now, Traynor has enough evidence to send a lot of people to prison for a very long time. But betraying Australia's most infamous crime family while hiding your true identity was always going to have consequences. When two of his loved ones are savagely murdered, the authorities decide that Traynor should be placed in Witness Protection - in a safe house - somewhere where they will never find him. When the safe house is compromised, Northern Territory Major Crime Detectives Russell Foley and Sam Rose are sent from Alice Springs to escort Traynor to another location,but as the cushy baby-sitting job becomes the very opposite, theyface a desperate battle to keep their witness safe. But can they stay alive in the process?

Gary Gregor

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  • December 26, 2021
  • Crimen y Misterio
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