Scraps from the Father's Banquet Table.  Susan Ceraldi Jaquith

Scraps from the Father's Banquet Table

By Susan Ceraldi Jaquith

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Scraps from the Father’s Banquet Table is a collection of 34 reflections that the author, Susan Jaquith, has been writing since 1977. These Holy Spirit-inspired teachings are meant to deepen your existing prayer life or provide tangible ways to help you connect with the Father who loves you, and to Jesus, who died to set you free. You will be fed from the Word of God and guided into a life-giving and life-changing personal relationship with Him, which is what truly satisfies the hunger of the human soul. Each of the reflections ends with a prayer to help personalize the message. The book is divided into 4 parts: • Part 1 Choices We Make (10 chapters) • Part 2 God Working Through Humanity (10 chapters) • Part 3 The “Dis-ease” of Sin (7 chapters) • Part 4 Some “Good God” Questions (7 chapters) This book is excellent for personal devotion and study, but also for prayer groups, retreats, and workshops. Its wisdom and guidance will strengthen your faith, whether you have just begun or have been on your faith walk for years. Welcome to the Father’s Banquet Table. You will not leave hungry!

Susan Ceraldi Jaquith

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