Think yourself Rich.  Anthony Norvell

Think yourself Rich

By Anthony Norvell

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How to Attract Big Money Using This Book Magnetism flows through your brain and body, as well as throughout time and space. Your mind can be magnetized with ideas that cause it to attract whatever you want. Just as your mind sends out magnetic wavelengths to cause you to desire food when you are hungry, so too, your mind can be magnetized with wavelengths of desire to attract money, possessions, friends, love, happiness, gifts, talents and everything you need to give you a perfect life here and now. This book gives you a proven step-by-step system for supercharging the powerful, money-pulling poles of your mind with money magnetism—the same power that geniuses of the past have used and our modern millionaires employ every day. But here's the good part. You don't have to be a genius to put these secrets to work. Once you discover the simple methods and practices in this book, you too can magnetize your brain centers with ideas that irresistibly attract—almost as if by magic—money, lands, possessions, jewels, houses, friends—all the rich, fine and glittering things in life.

Anthony Norvell

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  • December 26, 2021
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