I'll Take Care Of Mother.  Ona Dare

I'll Take Care Of Mother

By Ona Dare

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DESCRIPTION: My mother has been hit by a car! She was walking across the street according to the light at the crosswalk and some asshole hit her! Thank god, she’s going to be okay. She’s cut up and bruised, and her tibia was broken in two places, but she’ll be fine. In order to set the leg properly, she’s got a cast from her foot to about five or six inches above her knee. And she’s flat on her back. Immobile. Looking delicious lying there needing assistance. EXCERPT: I can’t stop my mind from turning like a hamster in a wheel. There is so much to do for work and if Ronan, and that blasted nurse would give me my laptop, I could get a lot done. But, no, I have to rest and heal. I want to scream until I’m hoarse! “How long do I have to stay bed ridden, Ro?” “As long as it takes for your pulled and sore muscles to heal, I guess.” “Great. Just bloody great,” I say like a petulant child. “We need to talk about the nurse, Mom. It’s getting expensive and I’ve decided I’m going to do my course work at home, online, so I can be with you.” “Sure, you get to work online, but I can’t?” “Don’t be obtuse, Mom. I’m calling the agency right now and telling them Ms. Reynolds is no longer needed…that I’m going to stay home with you.” “Oh, all right,” I say with resignation. My son leaves the room, walking on two good legs, and it pisses me off. It’s not his fault, but you know what I mean. I’m livid! I can’t wait to get that entitled a-hole that hit me on the stand in court to explain why his cell phone was much more important than looking where he was going behind the wheel of his Tesla. By the time I’m through with him, he’s going to be driving a Yugo, and eating Ramen for the rest of his life. ARRRRRRRRRGH! And I’ve got to pee, dammit! I try to get up and almost make it, but the pain in the opposite hip than my broken leg, shoots down my good leg and I almost fall…until Ronan runs in the room, half naked, only wearing his tighty whiteys, and before I completely topple over, he’s there to catch me. I should be feeling relief that I didn’t fall, but I can only think of my son’s abundant package in those underwear. Great! Now I’m a sick mother who wants another look at my own son’s package! Will this madness never cease? Will I ever be able to get around on my own again?

Ona Dare

  • Publisher:
  • Lot's Cave, Inc.
  • ISBN:
  • 9791221300062
  • Language:
  • Inglés
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  • Kb
  • Published:
  • December 26, 2021
  • Romance
    Ficción / General